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Chatime Delivers ‘Cups of Joy’ to Consumers Worldwide with Brand Refresh

Leading global bubble tea brand appeals to Gen Z customers with emphasis on inclusivity, creativity, and community

TAIWAN – May 15, 2024 – Chatime, a leading global bubble tea and innovative beverage brand, today announced a brand refresh anchored on its new brand promise, “Cups of Joy.” Founded in Taiwan in 2005, the pioneering brand was one of the first to take the bubble tea concept international. Since 2010, it has helped shape the global bubble tea drinking culture through its franchise partners in key markets, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, and Mauritius, with the most recent expansion in India and Thailand. The brand refresh captures the vibrant, youthful spirit of the company and appeals to Gen Z around the world – seeking opportunities to create and celebrate in their everyday lives.

Chatime is leveraging its brand refresh to solidify its strong brand relevance and permanence across international markets and capitalize on the increasing demand for its products, as experts project exponential growth for the global bubble tea market in the years ahead. Forbes Business Insights projects that the market was worth USD 2.46 billion in 2023 and is predicted to reach USD 4.78 billion in 2032. Gen Z consumers are likely to contribute significantly to this growth; CLSA reported in 2021 that 94% of consumers surveyed between the ages of 20 and 29 had bought bubble tea in the preceding three months.


Gen Z represents the core of Chatime’s target audience, as informed by global trends and market insights. In addition to Cups of Joy, the brand’s updated purpose, “To celebrate a different world, together,” as well as its values and beliefs, emphasize Chatime’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, creativity, and a sense of a global connected community for customers. These attributes align with what’s important to Gen Z and will continue to differentiate Chatime from competitors in a dynamic industry. From an updated logo and tagline to new menu choices, modernized packaging, and new store designs, all elements of the brand refresh are designed to help the company engage new customers and longtime fans on an emotional level, forging deeper connections as it delivers the fun and flavorful experiences they crave.


“In a changing and often challenging world, Chatime gives people a reason to come together and celebrate all the moments – big and small – that matter to them,” said Henry Wang, Chairman of Chatime. “Our updated brand is designed to catch consumers’ attention and inspire curiosity and excitement to reward yourself with a cup of joy.”


Chatime’s brand refresh also addresses the evolving needs of consumers forming their post-pandemic habits and preferences. Recent global consumer research led by Nielsen revealed that the top three reasons consumers choose to purchase bubble tea are to indulge themselves, to enjoy their leisure time (alone or with friends), and to quench their thirst. While taste remains the top consideration in purchasing a bubble tea beverage, the value for money spent and the quality of the beverage are also essential.


For these consumers, Cups of Joy will immediately bring to mind Chatime’s beloved bubble tea creations while making space for the brand’s expanding selection of ice creams, coffees, smoothies, juices, and other inventive beverages. The tagline also speaks to the fun, engaging experiences customers enjoy whenever they purchase a beverage from Chatime.


“Chatime’s new brand reinforces that we are committed to delivering an inclusive customer experience in every cup. We embrace our customers’ choices and create an atmosphere of community where they can express themselves freely, boldly, and confidently,” said Teresa Wang, Co-Founder of Chatime. “Our beverages offer value and serve many purposes for today’s consumer, whether they are looking for a moment to rest for their mental health, a social outlet for spending time with loved ones, or simply a means to recharge for the day ahead. We never judge, we’re here to support our customers with cups of joy.”


As cited in the Forbes Business Insights research, several general consumer trends – including the rise in those seeking health-conscious alternatives to sugary sodas or high-calorie drinks and those who need to accommodate health needs such as lactose intolerance – are impacting the bubble tea market. Many Chatime establishments offer customizable options including sugar-free syrups and dairy-free or soy-based milk replacements that contribute to the drink’s increasing popularity. And, with the continued addition of beverages to Chatime menus, the brand is well positioned to satisfy the preferences of more consumers and stay competitive in the broader beverage market.


For more information about franchise opportunities, visit ChatimeFranchise.com.

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