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La Kaffa wins TOP awards at the 2022 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards:Sustainable Development and Brand Innovation were recognized

On Nov 17th, the winners of 2022 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) are announced by the organizer, Enterprise Asia. La Kaffa’s chairman- Henry Wang receives the ‘‘Master Entrepreneur Award’’ while its international beverage brand- Chatime earns the ‘‘Inspirational Brand Award’’. With these two awards, the judges from the organizer recognized La Kaffa’s sustainable development, implementation to its strategy on industrial high value, and Chatime brand’s effective innovation efforts. La Kaffa represented Taiwan and stand- out amongst other entrepreneurs and businesses in the Asian region, being given the encouragement and recognition with the awards.

La Kaffa has put a lot of efforts into sustainable development using its brand influence for many years. With honesty, quality, innovation, excellence, and service as its core value of business development, La Kaffa aims to be the “International Brand Platform” with the ultimate goal of further expanding in more international locations. Aside from business expansion, Lakaffa has been pro-actively involved in public welfare activities through giving back to the community. At present, Chatime stores are located across six continents in more than 58 countries. The achievements in brand innovation, quality control, reliable international team, and store development are La Kaffa’s initiatives being recognized by the judges. Moreover, these awards given to La Kaffa reflects the ability of a Taiwanese food and beverage company to excel in the field of business, standing out from the food and beverage industry with such honor.

‘‘We are appreciate the judges’ recognition of our efforts and hard work. Many industries and companies from Asian region have competed for these awards, and La Kaffa, joining for the first time, is honored to win two awards. These awards deepen our responsibility as La Kaffa to future contributions and prospect for Taiwanese business and the society in general. For 18 years since its foundation, La Kaffa does not only push on the mission of morality, brand, and quality, but also establishing the business philosophy in team’s accountability, flexibility, and entrepreneurship. Even though the pandemic has changed the world, La Kaffa maintains its ability to connect to the world by promoting the best food and beverage service. In particular, thanks to all La Kaffa employees’ efforts. They are always there no matter what, through good times and bad times, so I share this honor to them!” stated by La Kaffa’s chairman, Henry Wang.

【About La Kaffa International】

Established in 2004, La Kaffa International Co., Ltd. dedicates to operating and advocating for the food and beverage service industry. Through professional multi-brand systematic strategic blueprint and innovation, it has successfully operated more than 10 F&B brands. Diversified by numerous types of F&B businesses, including bubble tea, bakery, English light food, American Vietnamese cuisine, traditional snacks and frozen dessert, Japanese pork chops, beef noodles, Japanese Gyukatsu, Japanese Gyoza, and more. Store locations have spread across six continents in more than 58 countries. Become one of the most widely spread international F&B groups, it is indeed a model in the field of chained F&B business.

Taiwan Brand Global Value

La Kaffa puts a lot of efforts in Taiwan for many years, and exports Taiwanese brands to the world. With the ultimate goal of ‘‘International Brand Platform”, La Kaffa advocates for promoting eastern cuisines to the world. With honesty, quality, innovation, excellence, and sharing as core value of business development, and quality as its principles, La Kaffa aims to satisfy customers’ taste, optimize the services, and provide global customers’ full satisfaction.

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