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Chatime and Pokémon GO Global Partnership kicks-off in the UK and Taiwan

This August, Chatime, a popular specialty drink concept with more than 1200 locations worldwide, will first transform its UK and Taiwan stores into PokéStops and Gyms as part of its global roll-out. The UK and Taiwan will be the first markets to launch Pokémon GO, a location-based AR game with more than 1 billion downloads worldwide since 2016.

Pokémon GO Trainers are invited in all participating Chatime stores worldwide to explore and discover their favorite places. Through this partnership, Trainers can visit nearby Chatime locations to catch Pokémon, gather Game items, and participate in raids and Gym battles while enjoying their favorite Chatime drinks on the go. Trainers will also be able to discover limited-time deals and new products from Chatime throughout the partnerships via the PokéStops and Gyms which guarantees the trainers to come back and discover exciting offers.

“We are extremely excited for this partnership as this allows Chatime to engage with our customers through a digital/gaming platform,” said Alvin Saronicman, Director of International Marketing, and La Kaffa. “Chatime caters to a generally younger market segment who are not just tech-savvy but also have a discerning preference for product quality and value.”

“We are very pleased to announce that Chatime has joined Pokémon GO as an Official Partner.” said Allan Lo, APAC Brand Partnerships at Niantic, “We have had many companies join us as official partners, as we have been able to provide opportunities for many players to visit Partner stores shown as PokéStops and Gyms, while enjoying the services and products. Additionally, through location-based and AR experiences at Niantic, we provide additional opportunities for players to go out and discover new things and visit their favorite places. We plan to further contribute opportunities for more people to visit Chatime stores, increase branding, and enhance the overall shopping experience.”

This exciting game partnership is also set to roll-out in other Chatime locations. Chatime Canada to launch in September 2022, Chatime Malaysia in November 2022, and Chatime Australia in January 2023. Other markets to launch in the near future.

Chatime is a subsidiary of La Kaffa, a publicly-listed company in Taiwan with more than 9 brands under its portfolio.

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to check the Niantic blog and the Pokémon GO website for more updates.

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