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Tickling Your Taste Buds- Premier Truffle-infused Drinks hit the market!

Premier collection has made its debut. Chatime created truffle-infused chocolate and truffle-infused roasted milk tea, expecting the Premier Truffle Indulgence collection to go viral among customers.

Innovating flavors is our mission, for the purpose of wishing customers to experience surprises. Research and development team (R&D team) of Chatime had wanted to try the flavor of truffle. Truffles have been known as “the diamond of the kitchen”, and also make gluttons go after them like a flock of ducks because of their unique flavors and rare quantity. People are not familiar with the taste of truffles; therefore, truffles often leave people much room to the imagination. The perfect proportion of drinks and truffles is an effort of the R&D team.

There are two flavors launched this time- truffle roasted milk tea and truffle chocolate. The roasting flavor and unique taste of truffles made the distinctive smell. Truffle chocolate is made by milk tea, rich chocolate, and truffle syrup. Packing in limited golden-black dixie cups, truffle roasted milk tea and truffle chocolate not only tickle your taste buds, but make you enjoy their luxury appearance at the same time.

Truffle Indulgence hits the market first in Taiwan, limited on the amount of 20,000 cups.

Premier truffle roasted milk tea $80

Premier truffle chocolate $80

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