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Show your creative with Taisun Tea Street

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Chatime cooperated with Taisun our popular product “roasted milk tea”  sold in convenient store  in March. We collaborated again  for the drink  “grass jelly with milk”  and improved roasted milk tea ingredients in October. Hit the spot in FamilyMart.

From now to 2018/11/9 (Friday)  23:59,  upload your creative 15 seconds video with Chastreet products on YouTube and hash tag #泰山 #茶攤一條街 #好喝抖起來. You have a chance to  earn fantastic rewards.
Join the game: https://www.taisun.url.tw/showyourchastreet/rule.html

Know more about Chatime roated milk tea

Cha Street campaign 201810
Taisun Cha Street campaign
grass jelley with milk in the convenient store
New products “grass jelley with milk”  is coming in FmailyMart convenient store
Roasted milk tea in the convenient store
Roasted milk tea in FamilyMart convenient store
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