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Tea is Fashion – Chatime on the Stage at the 2018 London Fashion Week

CNA/CNA News Service 20180223 17:01:59

Media link: http://www.cna.com.tw/postwrite/Detail/229259.aspx#.WpS_aOhubIV

Handmade tea drinks from Taiwan make London Fashion Week more fashionable! London Fashion Week 2018, one of the four major fashion conventions, starts on Feb 17 (Taiwan time). The 5-day show attracts major international fashion brands and people from the fashion industry. The eye-catching highlight of the show was the world famous handmade tea brand “Chatime”, transformed into a work of fashion, from Taiwan. It is the most dazzling fashion accessory in the entire fashion week and shuffles in the hands of fashion “icons” during the London Fashion Week.

This is the second time the world renowned handmade tea brand “Chatime” has been in the London Fashion Week show. In 2017, it appeared in the collections of the third season of ANGUS CHIANG, a brand launched by the new Taiwanese designer Angus Chiang. Models carried the “bubble tea” in their hands while on the stage and this was covered by international media. This year in 2018, we worked with designer Steven Tai in his 2018 fall and winter series and presented ourselves on the global fashion stage. With our continuous cross-industry cooperation and the perfect combination of creativities between handmade tea drinks and fashion, we demonstrate that drinking tea can be a style. This also makes it possible for Taiwanese tea drinks to walk on the international runway and create yet another “Pride of Taiwan”.

By featuring “International Brand, Local Flavor”, La Kaffa International‘s “Chatime” brand is able to branch out successfully into the overseas market and win popularity over the five continents and 35 countries/regions around the world with the national drink of bubble tea, becoming the most widely and globally seen leading brand of handmade tea. “Chatime has always been popular among the youth group based on our main themes of liveliness and innovation. Our international marketing team loves to inspire unique creative sparks through cross-disciplinary cooperation”, said by La Kaffa International. “We are happy to be portrayed this time in the international fashion circle and we welcome more opportunities for cross-disciplinary cooperation.”

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