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Q1: What’s Chatime’s brand strategy?

A: Chatime, originated from Taiwan, is one of the leading bubble tea brands in the world operating in more than 45 countries and territories worldwide. Quality, Innovation, and Fun are the pillars of the Chatime brand that deliver consistent customer experience from cup to cup, store to store across the world.

Q2: How can I become a qualified franchisee?

A: Most of our successful business partners have experience in Food and Beverage industry. Apart from products, learning marketing, customer services and our standard operating procedures are also required in our training program.

Q3: What can I have from Chatime when I become a qualified franchisee?

A: We help you set up your store by providing opening supports in operations, training, marketing, construction, logistics, and research & development. We ensure that your crew is ready and equipped with the necessary skills to operate the store properly.

Q4: How much do I need to pay when signing the contract?

A: When you become Chatime’s qualified franchisee, you can share the power of our global branding, marketing, operations, experience, expertise in bubble tea market. When the contract is done, Franchise Fee is the first payment. After opening, Royalty Fee and Marketing Fee will be charged based on the gross sales.

Q5: In order to become a qualified franchisee, what training courses and exams need to be accomplished?

A: When you become the candidate of franchisee, our training team will take you and your team to learn, experience and test all about the store operations, including the procedure of store opening and closing, how to make Chatime drinks, operational report analysis, customer analysis, customer services procedure, advertising & marketing and more. Store operations, marketing strategy, intelligent management and customer analysis are key to ensure that our franchisees will have a long run operation capability with Chatime.

Q6: How does Chatime support franchisees in researching store location?

A: The new Chatime store is recommended to be located in business and shopping areas, which generate lots of shoppers, students, commuters, family and various customers. Please feel free to reach us for advising the best new store location for you.

Q7: How long does the training program take?

A: Most of comprehensive 2 to 4 weeks training program is offered to new franchisees, which include all store operations, management, marketing and more. Please refer to Q5 or reach us for details.

Q8: How can I reach Chatime for franchise business?

A: Please email or call us directly, and our sales team will reach you soon in working hours. Email: [email protected] / Phone: +886-988050818