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Q:What’s Chatime advantage?

A:High reputation / Many stores aboard / With simplified, standardized and professionalized process.

Q:How do I get support?

A:Operation / Marketing / Renovation / Import and export to Taiwan / Product development

Q:How do I have before the process of applying for a Chatime’s franchise?

A:The franchisee is happy to learn customer service, marketing and manufacture procedure of tea. Prepare franchise fee and reserve. The property for the store.

 Q:How much do I have to pay?

A:Premium / Royalty Fee / Franchise fee

Q:What’s training included in?

A:Open and closed / standard operating procedure of beverages / Report analysis and measurement of flavours. / customer service / marketing for social media or websites

Q:How to choose the location of stores?

A:Our support team provides comprehensive measurement of locations for stores in Taiwan.

Q:How long for a training program?

A:We provide a comprehensive 2-4 week training program for all new franchisees which covers all in store operations in addition to management training.

Q:What’s next step for Chatime franchising?

A:Email: ichatime.sale@lakaffa.com.tw / Phone: +886988050818