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Global Allocation

Stores are dispersed throughout 33 countries and regions and over80 international cities across4 major continents.

  • Full-scale of consulting services and continued support provided by our competitive international management team.
  • Adopt universal franchise guidelines by strategic alliances with worldwide leading franchise consulting partners for global expansion.
  • Advocates and acts upon the principles of business ethics, strong corporate goverance, operational transparency, regulatory compliance, and social responsibility.
  • All electrically controlled devices are certified by USA UL and CE Quality Standard Assurance.
  • Comprehensive training program covering Basic Instructions/In-store Operations / Management Skills/Operational Manuals. On-line is available.
  • Cutting-edge product innovation, raw materials verification and food testing for safety assurance.
  • With Cloud Computing Service Management, provide real-time information for worldwide stores including inventory, supplies, logistic and
    etc. to improve efficiency for better operations management.
  • Professional Machine and Worldwide Food Certification over 25 countries including Islamic Halal Certification for easy customs clearance.