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Brand Advantages

International and professional management team
Integrated structure of organization including management, marketing, financial affairs, R&D, and supervision which can support your business.

Application of international standards in a universal franchise system
We work with a well-known franchise consultant company in the US to create a universal franchise standard and system which can protect the rights and interests of both parties to create a win-win situation.

Introduction of SOP technology
High technology of tea making and equipment with the unity of a mechanical setting make the tea quality easier to control.

Exclusive RD and inspection center
Developing original tea flavors, and checking on food hygiene.

Full training of management
A professional instructor plans a series of management courses which can make it easier for you to begin.

International food safety certificate
We have professional equipment and 25 countries’ food safety certificates, including Muslim Halal. Food safety is guaranteed, and rapid customs clearance is possessed.

Information management with cloud technology
Required information of purchase, sales and stock, and an order system for each global store is available via the cloud. It makes control management more efficient.


Brand Concept

Healthy and delicate tea
We provide a diverse choice of fresh and tasty tea for worldwide customers.

Trendy style
We create a new experience of mixing oriental tea with a trendy style.

Global macro vision
We manage the brand worldwide, and develop new local flavor.

Green enterprise
We put worldwide green action into practice thoroughly, and use unified eco-friendly packaging.

Franchise process

Item Content
Brand of franchise Chatime Chatime Chatime & ZenQ Dessert co-brand flagship store
Qualifications for franchise Own funds
Prepare a store within 50 to 66 square meters on your own (or by headquarters) Prepare a store within 66 to 83 square meters on your own (or by headquarters)
Headquarters support ‧equipment, training, advertisement, uniform, and construction plan of store.
*excluding deposit and rent of building, operating reserve, salary, utilities expenses and miscellaneous expenses.
Number of employees Number of employees 4 to 6 people at least (depending on operating status) 7 to 9 people at least (depending on operating status)
Training 45 days
Basic training 6 days, practical training and procedure training in the store 35 days, exam 1 day, management course 3 days
The duration of contract 3 years
Franchise Hotline Taiwan Franchise Hotline: +886-975-896-771
Taiwan Service line for Franchisee: +886-975-896-772
International Franchise Hotline: +886-988-050-818

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Taiwan Franchise Hotline: +886-975-896-771   

Taiwan Service line for Franchise:  +886-975-896-772          

China Franchise Service Hotline:+400-6666-738 

International Franchise Hotline: +886-988-050-818